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Parents Roll in Preventing Child Obesity

Parents Roll in Preventing Child Obesity Free Online Research Papers Sadly, child obesity has become one of the major health problems world wide. As I began my research, there was no doubt in my mind that proving the parent’s lack of taking responsibility for the health of their children was going to be an easy point to prove. As I dug deeper and deeper, I found that I was quite wrong, and that it is unfair to place blame on the parents alone when there are so many other factors that have to be considered first. There have been actual cases, that will be mentioned later in this paper, where parents have been charged with felony charges and faced up to 15 years behind bars before authorities even considered the possibilities that there could be health issues within the individual that suffers from obesity that are beyond the control of the parents or the child. (Dolgoff 2010). Is breaking up a family, or parents being sentenced to prison the answer to solving the growing problem of child obesity? I think not. March 23-A South Carolina woman was charged with 2 felony charges of neglect as her 14 year old reached an outrageous weight of 555lbs. (Dolgoff 2010). My first initial response to that was to immediately blame the mother and father allowing this to happen. Apparently, it was the same initial thought of authorities as well. Who’s to say that this 14 year old did not have other health issues leading to being obese? Where do we draw the line when it comes to charging the parents for neglect when there could actually be an unknown genetic abnormality within an individual? Some individuals are deficient (or resistant to) the effects of a protein called leptin. Leptin is what tells our brain that we are full and no longer need to eat. (Dolgoff 2010). It has been shown in studies with mice that when having such deficiency, it is possible to never have the feeling of â€Å"being full† and always remain hungry resulting in overeating and in turn becoming obese. How is it possible to place blame on one’s parents before knowing for sure that a child does not suffer from this genetic abnormality? I feel that the topic I have researched is so important because of the number of children growing up with low self-esteem, children who are picked on, and judged by their peers, suffer from isolation, low school attendance, along with the dangers of future health problems. In my research, I give examples of why it is or is not fair to place blame on parents of obese children, especially when it comes to children that attend school daily. Although it is the parents’ obligation to see that they are meeting the needs of their child’s nutritional intake in the home, it is out of their control as to what they are eating outside of the home. How is a parent to know that the money that is sent with their child to buy a turkey sandwich is not spent buying ice cream and a soda instead? It is easy for a child that goes to school every day to have access to food that can be a factor in their weight gain, but if a child has not grown up with junk food readily available on a daily basis in the home (since birth), it is not likely for that child to crave or desire the junk food away from the home. Below are a few important, simple, yet so significant things that were listed by several of the researchers that parents can do to prevent their child from becoming overweight: Pay attention to your child. Show them that you care and let them know that they are important. (Lissau I, Sorensen 1994). Don’t use food as a comfort measure. (Burch H. 1973). Don’t closely monitor the amounts your child eats ornag your child to eat at mealtime. This can interfere with your child’s response to hunger and feeling full. The two most important basis for healthy eating behaviors. Don’t focus on the weight. Instead, focus on healthy living: good eating habits physical activity. Girls whose moms were worried that their daughter would be overweight were more likely to have abnormal eating behaviors. (Epstein LH, Myers MD, Raynor HA, Saelens BE 1998). Gayatri Chatrath, a nutritionist at the Centre for Dietary Counseling, also feels that a diet plan for children should not be rigid or else there are chances they wont stick to it. (Mail Today 2009). Ana Lindsay, Katarina Sussner, Juhee Kim, and Steven Gortmaker argue that interventions aimed at preventing childhood overweight and obesity should involve parents as important forces for change in their childrens behaviors. They begin by reviewing evidence on how parents can help their children develop and maintain healthful eating and physical activity habits, thereby ultimately helping prevent childhood overweight and obesity. They show how important it is for parents to understand how their roles in preventing obesity change as their children move through critical developmental periods, from before birth and through adolescence. (Bosely 2010) Researchers, policymakers, and practitioners should also make use of such information to develop more effective interventions and educational programs that address childhood obesity right where it startsat home. Evaluating school-based obesity-prevention interventions that include components targeted at parents is on the rise. Although much research has been done on how parents shape their childrens eating and physical activity habits, surprisingly few high-quality data exist on the effectiveness of such programs. Programs and cost-effectiveness studies aimed at improving parents ability to shape healthful eating and physical activity behaviors in their children are also on the rise. Preventing and controlling childhood obesity will require multifaceted and community-wide programs and policies, with parents having a critical role to play. Successful intervention efforts must involve and work directly with parents from the earliest stages of child development to support healthful p ractices both in and outside of the home. (ERIC 2006). In one early study, Hughes and colleagues worked with data from 718 low-income Black, White, or Hispanic parents of 3- to 5-year-old preschoolers in Texas and Alabama. Parents filled out Hughess feeding-styles questionnaire. Kids heights and weights were measured to determine their BMI, or body mass index-an indicator of body fatness. Among other findings, the team determined that the indulgent feeding style was significantly associated with higher child BMI. Hughes, along with Theresa A. Nicklas of the Houston center and other co-investigators, documented the study in a 2008 article in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. Hughes also collaborated in another analysis of data from the same volunteers. For that study, led by Michigan State University nutrition researcher Sharon O. Hoerr, scientists scrutinized the relation between feeding styles and how much of a given type of food kids ate-between 3 p.m. and bedtime-on three different days. In an article published in 2009 in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, the scientists report that kids whose parents feeding styles were either indulgent or uninvolved ate the least fruit, 100-percent-fruit juice, vegetables, or dairy foods, as compared to kids whose parents had authoritarian feeding styles. Ironically, the least-eaten foods were those that experts agree are the most helpful for weight management, Hughes notes. The studies are among the most extensive of their kind for this demographic. Hopefully the research will help shape meal-time parenting across America for the better. (Woods, Marcia 2010). Experts warn that diabetes and heart diseases could rise dramatically in the next 25 years unless the problem is tackled, overwhelming Indias already over- burdened healthcare system. If steps are not taken to reverse the course, the children of each successive generation seem destined to be fatter and sicker than their parents. (Mail Today 2009). Blaming fast foods and TV addiction for this epidemic is both convenient and shifts the onus, the experts say. The real culprits are parents, who have a huge role to play in preventing their children from becoming obese. It is the prime responsibility of parents to ensure healthy meals at home encourage an active lifestyle and become good role models for their kids through their own actions, (Dr. Misra 2009). Nutritionists say parents must be more involved in what their child is eating and monitor his/ her food intake. Parents are too busy these days to pay attention to their kids diet. They hand out large amounts of pocket money to relieve their guilt, which kids spend on junk food, says Nilanjana Singh, consultant nutritionist at the Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute for Liver, Renal Digestive Diseases. Now that I have touched a little on the parents’ role in preventing child obesity, I would like to take a minute to touch on the flip side of the coin. Although ninety percent of obese children are obese as a result of the parenting roles and influences, there are other factors that can cause obesity that have nothing to do with the parents. There needs to be an awareness of the occasions in which a child may be suffering from the resistance of the protein leptin. It is important that before blaming the parents with their children being obese, every angle has been evaluated first. I feel that it’s important for us to not stereotype, judge, blame, or talk about an obese individual until the underlying possibilities of other health issues have been considered or until you yourself has had to walk in the shoes and live the life of an obese child. References Burch, H. (1973), Eating Disorders. NY: Basic Books; pg 1of5. Retrieved Oct 4, 2010, from Boseley, Sarah. (2010, July 17). Child obesity ‘could amount to neglect. The Hindu. Retrieved September 21, 2010, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 2082838771). Dolgoff, Joanna. MD. (23 March). Child Obesity 2010: Parents Face Abuse Charges. McClatchy Tribune Business News. Retrieved September 21, 2010, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 1990992441). Gortmaker, Steven; Kim, Juhee; Lindsay, Ana C.; Sussner, Katarina M., (2006) The Role of Parents in Preventing Child Obesity, Future of Children, v16 n1 p169-186 Spr 2006., Retrieved September 26, 1010 from ERIC database. (Document EJ795887) Kashani IA, Nader PR. The role of Pediatricians in the Prevention Coronary Heart Disease in Childhood. Jap. Heart J (1986), 27:911. Retrieved from Med child/topic/fightobesithy.lhtm. October 4, 2010 Mayo, Olivia. (2010, March 28). Get involved. Sun Journal,. Retrieved September 21, 2010, from ProQuest Newsstand. (Document ID: 1996795311). Mission: Readiness; Retired Military Brass Support First Ladys Call to Reduce Child Obesity, Improve Nutrition. (2010, February). Biotech Business Week,4221. Retrieved September 21, 2010, from ProQuest Health and Medical Complete. (Document ID: 1964174191). West, F., Morawska, A., Joughin, K.. (2010). The Lifestyle Behavior Checklist: evaluation of the factor structure. Child Care, Health and Development, 36(4), 508. Retrieved September 21, 2010, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document ID: 2068068651). Widdowsow, E.M.,(1974), Changes in pigs due to under nutrition before birth, and for one, two, and tree years, and the affects of rehabilitation. In Roche AF, Falkner F., editors. Medicine and Biology: Vol. 49. New York and London. Plenum Press: 1974.165. Retrieved from Med child/topic/fightobesithy.lhtm. Oct. 4, 2010 Wood, M.. (2010). HEY MOM, WHATS FOR DINNER? Parents Feeding Styles May Affect Kids Obesity. Agricultural Research, 58(3), 6. Retrieved September 28, 2010, from Career and Technical Education. (Document ID: 1995208771). Research Papers on Parent's Roll in Preventing Child ObesityPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoHip-Hop is ArtGenetic EngineeringStandardized TestingThe Effects of Illegal ImmigrationThe Relationship Between Delinquency and Drug UseInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesTrailblazing by Eric Anderson

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Zaras Supply Chain Management Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Zaras Supply Chain Management Strategy - Essay Example As one of the well-known Spanish clothing company around the world, Zara was able to come up with the clothing design that suites the unique preferences of most modern men, women, the young adults, and children. As of 2010, Zara managed to become the second largest clothing company within the global fashion industry (Zara 2011; BBC News, 2008; Manning-Schaffel, 2004).As one of the well-known Spanish clothing company around the world, Zara was able to come up with the clothing design that suites the unique preferences of most modern men, women, the young adults, and children. As of 2010, Zara managed to become the second largest clothing company within the global fashion industry (Zara 2011; BBC News, 2008; Manning-Schaffel, 2004). Ever since Zara was established by Amancio Ortega Gaona in 1975, this company managed to expand and open up to 2,692 retail store outlets all over 62 different countries around the world. To make the company able to rapidly expand its business in many count ries, the management group of Zara decided to hire the services offered by the Inditex Group with its global market distribution.Zara and Its Preferred Target Market Having a strong and powerful brand is even more effective when it comes to developing a special attachment between the clothing company and its target buyers.In line with this, one of the business strategies that Zara is currently using in order to win the attention of its target global markets is to select countries wherein they can effectively promote their brand   as a unique clothing designer and seller that is totally different from what other clothing companies are offering to its target consumers (Neumeier, 2006). By nature, clothing and fashion business offer homogenous products to the end-consumers. For this reason, Zara has been very focused and keen on being able to come up with new clothing designs that are relatively new to the eyes of its target market. Even though Zara is actually selling homogenous clo thing products to its target buyers, its ability to produce new fashion and clothing designs faster than what its close competitors like Gap or H&M could offer in the market gives them the edge to sell its clothing items at a premium price. Because of Zara’s ability to establish a strong positive brand within the global fashion industry, this company was able to capture the interests of millions of loyal â€Å"fashionistas† who are more than willing to spend more money just to be able to be the first one to wear its latest fashion designs and other related merchandises. This particular edge or business advantage enabled Zara to avoid spending large sum of money on its product advertisements (Aaker 1991). Actual Production and Distribution System of Zara Zara has always been trying to narrow down and make its supply

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HISTORY( read carefully and then start writing the paper) Essay

HISTORY( read carefully and then start writing the paper) - Essay Example Democracy in real sense does not have 1 singular meaning. It is made of parts or components in order for it to be complete. Many countries have not experienced democracy especially Africa, Middle East, some Asian nations and so on. In this essay I will dwell on America’s democracy, I will devour the origin and the steps it took in order to build up the democracy. Democracy is made up of four parts-: That is democracy as known by most Americans. Before all these freedoms that populace enjoy came about, there were processes. America has crawled for years to where it is now, and along the way it was fortunate enough to have presidents like Lincoln who by all might and wisdom had the guts to safeguard democracy when logic defied this. The civil war was democratic journey undertaken painfully. This Civil War of 1830s that was feared in America was a conflict between liberal and the conservative factions.   Each side had the potential of field militias and European-style armies.   The incredible similarity on the opposing sides, in each region, directed them into blood loss and bitterness. The conservatives and the liberals fought it out in 1830s. This war spread in every part of North America. However, the bloodiest fighting was centered in Mexico. Their enemy answers to the question revealed what those parties were actually fighting about:  Ã‚   That was in the 18th century, but the match to full democracy matched on to 21st century, martin Luther led a revolution of sorts in fighting for equality, it was also bloody and unethical but the match had to continue. This was done in pursuance of the above named components which we can say, they have been achieved. For democracy to exist some cultural beliefs, such as the responsibility of women in society and the role of the poor in society, had to change indefinitely (Richard & Gaston, 56-58). Back then around 18th the rich were gods while the poor were not viewed as people

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Ryanair-The Southwest of European Airlines Case Essay Example for Free

Ryanair-The Southwest of European Airlines Case Essay Ryanair was founded in July 1985 by the three brothers, Catlan, Declan, and Shane Ryan, with the financial assistant of their father Tony Ryan. As a beginner commercial carrier, its operations began with 25 staff and a single 15-seat turbo-prop commuter plane between Waterford in the southeast of Ireland and Gatwick Airport, the second busiest airport in London after Heathrow. Later on, regulatory authorities permitted the Ryanair Airlines to have at least four flying flights a day on Dublin-London route, with more seating capacity. Nowadays, Ryanair, with its rapid growth, occupies the most sought position in its own field, being Britains favorite airline and the oldest-low cost air carrier in Europe. The goal of my internal analysis on Ryanair is to focus on resources and capabilities as internal sources of uniqueness that allow firms to beat the competition. This analysis is often called the resource-based view of the firm. By theory, a firm gains an advantage by obtaining valuable and rare resources and developing the capability to utilize these resources to drive customers toward their products and services at the expense of competitors. As a result, firms with superior resources and capabilities enjoy competitive advantage over other firms. Value Chain AnalysisFirms make products or provide services by engaging in many different activities. The basic structure of these activities is embodied in the firms value- chain. Value-chain activities are of two types: primary activities and supportive activities. Primary activities include inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and services. Support activities include human resources, accounting and finance operations, technology, and procurement. All the activities -primary and support are potential sources of competitive advantage or disadvantage of any firm. In Ryanair case, parts of the inbound logistics are Ryanairs low-cost deals, negotiated against promise of large and growing volume of business. Also, they include dependency on suppliers to deliver fuel as well as food, drinks and duty-paid products to be sold on-board; they need to be stored, handled and controlled upon delivery. The other important element of the primary  activities includes the operations. Ryanair fast turnarounds of 25 minutes are the companys core competencies. This is the most important cost advantage that enables high aircraft utilization. More frequent departures of two more per day than competitors with few planes, increases Ryanairs revenue. Point-to-point flights mean no interlinking with other carriers. Raynair offers direct non-stop journeys, avoiding the cost of providing through services for connecting passengers and delays caused by late arrival of connecting flights. Ryanair uses the standard model plane- Boeing 737, which means that company, is a ble to obtain spares and maintenance services on favorable terms, to limit the cost of staff training and to offer flexibility in scheduling aircraft and crew assignments. A relatively young fleet reduces maintenance, spare and fuel costs. Also, Ryanair placed resources to strengthen its core business such as satellite television, Internet service and arcade game, so the passengers can enjoy the trip. For outbound logistics, Ryanair uses isolated secondary airports, which often require further transport arrangements for customers. Also, some destinations are so geographically obscure that they cant support regular services to customer, as evident on some Scandinavian routes for example. This limits the level of market share Ryanair can achieve. EasyJet does the opposite and flies to big cities, but then have to pay higher landing charges which are reflected in their higher prices. However, using regional airports saves costs as charges are lower, facilities cheaper and Ryanair can negotiate favorable deals. It also enables fast turnaround times, and more on-time departures as the airports are less congested. 95% of Ryanairs flights are punctual compared to 88% for EasyJet. As I already mentioned, under primary activities are also marketing and sales. Ryanair considers branding virtually irrelevant as it believes that price is most important to customers. This reflects on companys image which isnt always so good in the press. In contrast Southwest Airlines, contribute a large part of their success to theirs well established brand values, and EasyJet has won awards for its brand. Ryanair invested resource to establish website for passengers. It made passengers more convenient. Spending on advertising and promotions to expand its market is reduced as most advertising takes place on the website. There promotion is also used to sell excess capacity, such as two-for-one offers, which creates market awareness. Over 90% of bookings  are made directly, either on the website or through reservations centers. The website saves on staff costs, agents commission, while significantly contributing to growth. Travel agencies are used on a small scale as necessary when opening new routes in unknown markets. Under services, Ryanairs virtually no-frills- lower costs considerably. The company enables fast turnarounds and offers very low ticket prices. But with less flight attendants, usually only two per flight, compared to five for the competitors, the quality of the services drops. The philosophy of Ryanair is that for passengers the price is more important than the quality. The low quality services could damage the brand name and this could lead to business reduction. Under support activities- the procurement, the purchasing power of the company enables negotiation of favorable deals with suppliers. However, these demand large and growing volumes based on passenger numbers. Although growth is slowed down new planes has been ordered aiming to double the fleet by 2009. Ryanair keeps good buyer-supplier relationships which ensure reliability and low-cost procurement of services. Many functions of the company are contracted out. Under human resource management, Ryanair aims to control its personnel cost by continuously improving the productivity. The staff is working under big pressure set by an overhead person and most commonly with feelings of dissatisfaction. The technology development factor of the support activities indicates that Ryanair uses its website ( to monitor bookings and to see how full planes are, all minute by minute. Also, the company uses its internet site as the major part of the business, which saved them about $6 million a year on an average. Resource AnalysisResources and capabilities are the fundamental building blocks of a firms strategy. The resource-based view presents a perspective of competition that portrays the value of a resource or capability as derived from the dynamic interplay of market forces. While the market and environment establish external constraints and pressures, a firms response through resource allocation and capability development become a source of competitive advantage. The resource-based perspective views a firm as an organization that has a bundle of protective resources and capabilities.  Resources are tangible and intangible assets a firm uses to choose and implement its strategies. Capabilities are the skills a firm uses to bring its resources to bear. Ryanairs tangible resources include all Boeing 737 airplanes the company uses, as well as the companys headquarter building in Dublin and all other buildings the company uses. Part of the tangible resources also are all of the supplies, food, drinks and duty-paid products company holds in inventory, as well as fuel. Intangible resources contain bigger part of the business. They include all the intellectual capital, like expertise and accumulated knowledge, experience, skills, abilities and talents that every employee in Rayanair possesses. Here I could include also the companys brand recognition, customer loyalty, investors confidence and the good reputation. Charismatic personality of the companys CEO- Michael OLeary is part of the organizational culture under the intangible resources. The capabilities of Rayanair are:-The lowest airfare rates, simple processes (no frills), large brand awareness, clear offer (focuses on particular market segment), the innovative strategies on cost cutting, and quick turnaround time-Learning curve (early entrant), accumulated much knowledge/experience, outstanding marketing and PR skills of the CEO OLeary- The company ability to bargain and get beneficial deals with suppliers; the efficiency and high turn-around rate, fast luggage handling and high punctuality- The ability to think strategically and assertively and to act on it: acquisition of Buzz-The expansion of new hubs and new added routes-The ability to control and cut costs, which are crucial to survive and succeed in the industry!-The ability to build and sustain brand (loyalty). Financial AnalysisRyanairs current financial objectives, strategies, policies and programs are clearly stated in their Annual reports and financial statements for 2008, which I have attached in the separate file. These financial objectives seem to be consistent with Ryanairs mission, objectives, strategies, policies of low fares, as well as with internal and external environments. There was an increase in profit after tax of 33%, which was because of 7% increase in average fairs, so profit margin was 19.66%. There was an increase in fuel costs by 50%, and staff costs rose  32%. The operating margin decreased by 1% (to 21% from 22%), which lead to an increase in operating profit by 28% compared to 2007. Total operating revenues increased by 32%. Maintenance costs increased by 12%, marketing and distribution costs increased by 71%, and aircraft rental costs increased by 23%. (Ryanair Holdings PLC, 2007). From this financial analysis, I could conclude that costs are increasing, but profit is also increasing leading to gains in the company. The statements are calculated in Euros, and there could be some differences based on the floating Euro/US Dollar exchange rates. In addition, this financial analysis supports Ryanairs past and pending strategic decisions, based on being a low fare air carrier. Ryanairs profit margin in 2007 is 19.66%, compared to EasyJet with 8.47% (2007), Air Lingus with 8.19% (2007) and British Airways with 5.48% (2007). If most companies in the same industry report decrease in profits, Ryanairs financial performance indicates that the company is in competitive advantage. (Ryanair Holdings PLC, 2007)Analysis of Strengths and WeaknessesStrengths and weaknesses are the major internal characteristics of firms, derived from the SWOT analysis. Firms within an industry generally have different strengths and weaknesses, and those differences often have a strong bearing o n which firms win competitive interactions. Ryanair strengths are:-Brand name: Ryanair through its 24 years in the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) market has developed a very well recognized brand name. -Benefits from low airport charges: These aid the low cost base Ryanair benefits from. -Has first mover advantage on regional airports (e.g. Charleroi): Acts as a barrier to entry-Internet site (94% bookings) : Lowers the cost of distribution as over the phone bookings are more costly. Eliminates the need of travel agents. -High seat density. -All Boeing aircraft: A uniform fleet saves on maintenance and training costs. -Fast turn-around. -High Service performance: Punctual, high rate of flight completion, low baggage loss, which give a good image of the companys reliability. -Modernized fleet which leads to less expensive maintenance: Will become more uniform with only one model (Boeing 737-800), also newer planes will require less maintenance. -High aircraft utilization: Ryanair flies its planes for longer thus generating more revenue from its assets. -Fuel and other risks hedging. -Small headquarters-Point to point flights: No hub and spoke, lowers cost as no through services requiredRyanair weaknesses are:-Prone to bad press: Rayanair is perceived as arrogant and the slightest incident with the scandal commercial gets a lot of press coverage. -Niche market: Restricted expansion possibility. -Distance of some regional airports from advertised destination: Over time customers may find this a big inconvenience. -Poor service: Ryanair decreased the number of flight attendants per flight, which decreased the service quality. -Ryanair is extremely sensitive to changes in charges (increase in fair value)In conclusion I would like briefly to summarize the strengths and weaknesses I mentioned above. Ryanair carries out its routine checks and repairs on its aircraft using its own engineers which means that some maintenance costs are included in the staff cost. Also the company has cost advantage, because of its ability to achieve 25 minutes turnarounds and therefore can run two more flights a day in its schedule than rivals such as British Airways. Their use of secondary airports means that they are able to negotiate deals with the airports, in contrast to larger airlines unwilling to split their operations between two or more airports. Ryanair does not pay dividends to its shareholders. All profit is reinvested back into the business, which means a higher profit margin. Ryanair is unable to expand its home market industry, because of airport taxes. Passengers having their own luggage carried at their own risk could mean a loss of reputation if any major scandal is to occur in terms of loss of luggage. Increasing its fleet could mean that it might incur more losses. Reference: Thompson, A.A., Strickland, A.J., Gamble, J.E. (2008), Crafting executing strategy;The quest for competitive advantage. Boston: McGraw- Hill Irwin. Ryanair Holding PLC, (2007). The Worlds Favorite Airline. Retrieved May 20, 2009,from Ryanair Web Site: Holding PLC, (2007). Strategy. Retrieved May 20, 2009,from Ryanair Web Site: (2009). Ryanair Holdings plc (Public, ISE: RYA). Retrieved May 20, 2009, from Google Finance Web site:, M P. M. Brown. (1992) Benchmarking: Learning from Best Practice. Business Studies, Vol 5, No.2. Thompson, J. L. (1997) Strategic Management. International Thompson Press: London. Carpenter, M.A. and Sanders, W.G. Strategic Management: A Dynamic Perspective Concepts and Cases, 2nd edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009

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Story Of A Dead Man :: essays research papers

Story of a Dead Man My name is Pierce Montgomery. I hail from a small village town just outside of London. Seven years ago I was a young boy who set out for adventure to the new world. Today I write this as an old man. The following is my story of our colony at Roanoke and the series of tragic events that beset it. The journey to the new world was a long and tedious one. I was part of an expedition under the authority of John White. From what I remember if my journey I sailed on a ship named Dorothy. The quarters were very cramped and smelled of mildew. The ship was full of a variety of different people. There were carpenters, like myself, farmers, fisherman, and explorers. There were also some people who wad no real business being on the expedition. Aristocratic people, who had no concept of work, but were there just to have a good time, hunt, and search for spoils of the new world. These people were one of the main reasons we struggled so much founding a colony. It took over three months to reach the new world and when we did I had never been so glad to see land in my life. It was summer when we arrived so the weather was very cooperative. The first order of business for us was to build shelters and find a fresh water source. Luckily for us there was a stream near by. I being a carpenter helped build makeshift homes out of wood and rope. Farmer’s tilled fields and fisherman found the best spots to throw their lines. By fall the colony was up and running relatively smoothly. Everybody did their share of work except for the people from aristocratic people from England. There were fights almost daily about the laziness of these people. They took far more from the colony than they put back in. On the other hand they were the ones who financed our trip to this beautiful new world. Winter was a very tough time for us. Our crops died and we were very low on food. Our shelters collapsed under the weight of the snow and we didn’t have enough warm clothing. Fourteen colonists died during this time. It was then that we made first contact with the savages. They called themselves the Croatoan and were apparently from a small island located in the bay.

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War Destroys Trust: a Long Way Gone

War Destroys Trust In the book Long Way Gone Ishmael Beah struggles between trust and survival in the midst of a gruesome war. He laments how, â€Å"the war had destroyed the enjoyment of the very experience of meeting people† throughout the book there are many examples of this upsetting truth. The consequences of this mistrust in people are clear as he travels through Sierra Leon while being incessantly threatened and assumed a member of the RUF. Most of this book is about the ongoing struggle within Ishmael between trying to stay alive and deciding who to trust.The phenomena of war and trust can coexist only if you have an ability to differentiate your friends from enemies. Ishmael struggles throughout the book to stay alive, and thus decides to trust no one, but this could be detrimental to his survival. Ishmael gives an example of the repeated mistrust he encounters saying â€Å"Many times during our journey we were surrounded by muscular men with machetes who almost kill ed us before they realized we were just children running away from the war†. A repose old man in a village once told Ishmael and his friends, â€Å"My children this country has lost its good heart.People don’t trust each other anymore† explaining just how much trust had been destroyed and replaced with fear and accusation. Because of the continuous mistrust in the country when Ishmael has any contact with a new person they automatically suspect each other, and things become very tense. In chapter fifteen Ishmael and his travel companions come across the ocean for the first time, but the excitement is short lived. They soon find themselves in a virulent fishing village which heard the rumor about the, â€Å"seven boys† and believed them to be rebels.They attacked the boys and took away their shoes, chased away from the village they were forced to walk on burning sand for hours. The mistrust of the fisherman caused these boys great pain and suffering, but lu ckily they got through it with the help of a benevolent fisherman, â€Å"we stayed in the hut for a week. Our host brought us food and water every morning and night†. After spending months in the forest a morose Ishmael finally comes into contact with some young people his age, Alhaji, Musa, Kanei, Jumah, Saidu, and Moriba.They all immediately froze in fear until Ishmael smiled to break the tension, and then talked about how they were going to Yele and he decided to follow them. This was most likely a lifesaving decision, he decided to trust them and in turn they trusted him and helped each other survive. They provided emotional support for each other throughout their journey such as when Kanei tried to talk to Ishmael for the first time, â€Å"He tapped me on the shoulder as if he knew what I had experienced.Circumstances will change and things will be fine, just hold on a little more, he said, tapping my shoulder again and nodding†. Mistrust and war are two inseparab le concepts, mistrust leads to war and war leads to mistrust. This is clearly shown throughout the novel; Ishmael conveys how war and fear combined can lead to savage thoughts and behaviors. He did not recognize himself any longer because he did not trust others or even himself. Through what he had seen and what he had done he was permanently separated from who he once was. Within a three year span Ishmael became in his own words, â€Å"a long way gone†.

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Should Welfare Be More Charity Impact On Homeless, Hungry,...

Driving to the mall one Saturday morning, there was an older gentleman on the corner with his small family, Wife and young son, with a cardboard sign that read, â€Å"HOMELESS, NEED FOOD, MONEY FOR DOCTOR BILLS.† The man was rugged and could obviously use help. His right leg had been amputated, so he definitely needed assistance. One may wonder in this instance, â€Å"Where are the charities?† The groups are nowhere to be found. There should be more charity impact on homeless, hungry, and such because of instances like this. For poor or less fortunate families, philanthropic groups should finance programs such as medical assistance, housing, and food. First, philanthropic groups should finance programs for medical assistance. While most middle and upper-class workers can afford health care for themselves and their children, the lower-class families cannot even fathom the thought of being committed to a nowadays expensive payment because when they go out and look for in surance, the monthly payments exceed the amount that the family pays for its rent in two months time. There are many charity foundations that can help those unable to afford insurance, but one in specific is the Charity Care Policy at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, Mississippi. It is a local charity organization that benefits the less fortunate. If a patient is below one-hundred percent of the poverty guidelines, which is he or she is eligible to have his or her medical expenses taken care of for a tenShow MoreRelatedVictims of Poverty and Hunger2181 Words   |  9 Pagesmillion children who may very possibly live in poverty. Now remember, this massive number does not include adults or children living in undeveloped countries, where extreme poverty and hunger is much more common and fatal. Regardless of major progress, one in eight people, globally, continue to go to bed hungry and one in six children under the age of five are underweight (The Millennium Development Go als Report 2013). These people are kept from living normal, healthy lives and performing at their highestRead MoreMetaphor of Inhaling and Exhaling to Explore Interpersonal Communication5070 Words   |  21 PagesHistorical Highlights The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)serves as the nations principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans, and providing essential human services. HHS has enjoyed many highlights since becoming a separate agency, while its roots go back as far as the early days of our nation. See Secretaries of HHS/HEW 2010 The Affordable Care Act was signed into law, putting in place comprehensive U.S. health insurance reforms. 2003 The Medicare Prescription DrugRead MoreThe Concept of ‘Just Development’3541 Words   |  15 PagesAfrica and Zambia in particular. They have for example, pioneered participatory methods in project design and implementation and are strong advocates of strategies that view the poor as economic and social actors rather than passive recipients of welfare. This essay seeks to discuss the concept of ‘Just Development’ and the reasons as to why Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) find this concept appealing to them. To achieve this, the essay will first define Non-Governmental Organizations inRead MoreHomelessness Thesis9065 Words   |  37 Pagesthousands of homeless people live on the streets as their shelter. Historically, homelessness has always been a problem in society. Homeless people were known as â€Å"the wondering poor†, â€Å"sturdy beggars†, and as â€Å"vagrants,† but it was not until the late 18th century that homelessness because noticeable to society. Homeless person is anyone who lacks adequate shelter, resources, and community ties. People who are homeless can be categorized as chronic deinstitutionalized or temporary homeless. The chronicRead MoreHomelessness Thesis9057 Words   |  37 Pagesthousands of homeless people live on the streets as their shelter. Historically, homelessn ess has always been a problem in society. Homeless people were known as â€Å"the wondering poor†, â€Å"sturdy beggars†, and as â€Å"vagrants,† but it was not until the late 18th century that homelessness because noticeable to society. Homeless person is anyone who lacks adequate shelter, resources, and community ties. People who are homeless can be categorized as chronic deinstitutionalized or temporary homeless. The chronicRead MoreChild Protection6556 Words   |  27 Pagesrecent years, this could be due more extensive media coverage, cases such as the Kilkenny Incest Case 1993 and the Roscommon Case 2009 where innocent children were neglected and abused by their own parents who are supposed to love, cherish, nurture and keep them free from harm. Caroline Kingston from the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) said that between 20,000 to 25,000 children are referred to the HSE’s child protection and welfare services every year. www.childlineRead MoreCause and Effects of the Great Depression4210 Words   |  17 PagesDream. More complacently, Irving Fisher and other economists in the confidence of Wall Street assured the citizen that he was dwelling upon a permanently high plateau of prosperity.2 Only fifteen months later, those words would return to haunt him, as the nation plunged into the severest and most prolonged economic depression in its history. It began with a stock market crash in October 1929; it slowly but steadily deepened over the next three years until the nations economy (and, many believedRead MoreCorporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Culture in Vodafone.4820 Words   |  20 Pagesapplication for the content of the Business ethics course. It attempts to explain the real life application of the different issue discussed in the course; in this case the live example is Vodafone in Egypt. The project topic is corporate culture impact and Implications. Literature review: †¢ Corporate Culture: What is corporate culture ? What is corporate culture? Corporate is a shared pattern of beliefs, expectations and meanings that influence and guide the thinking and behaviors of theRead MoreFaithful Citizenship10006 Words   |  41 Pages9PART I Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship: The U.S. Bishops’ Reflection on Catholic Teaching and Political Life Introduction 1. As a nation, we share many blessings and strengths, including a tradition of religious freedom and political participation. However, as a people, we face serious challenges that are clearly political and also profoundly moral. 2. We are a nation founded on â€Å"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,† but the right to life itself is not fully protected, especiallyRead MoreModern History.Hsc.2012 Essay25799 Words   |  104 Pagesfresh soldiers to France every day. * In 1917, the U.S. Congress gave U.S. citizenship to Puerto Ricans when they were drafted to participate in World War I, as part of the Jones Act. * Germany had miscalculated, believing it would be many more months before they would arrive and that the arrival could be stopped by U-boats. * The United States Navy sent a battleship group to Scapa Flow to join with the British Grand Fleet, destroyers to Queenstown, Ireland and submarines to help